Doraemon (2005) Hindi Episodes 720p HD [Uncensored]

||Doraemon (2005 TV Series)||

[720p HD | Hindi Dub | UNCUT]

Title: Doraemon (2005 Anime Series)
Genre: Animation | Comedy | Family
Org. run: 2005 – Present
Network: Disney Channel (India)
Running time: 25min
Language: Hindi [Org. DTH Audio] 
Quality: 720p HD [Uncensored]

Synopsis: It is the 2005 version of 1979 series, with certain changes in the animation and other things.

Doraemon is a cat-like robot who appears in the present to steer Nobita, who is a dumb, naive and clumsy boy on the right path in order to secure his future. Nobita's love interest is Shizuka Minamoto, his frenemies are Gian and Suneo.

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Episode 94: The Great Pirate Decisive Battle [1hr Special]
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