Ninja Hattori (1981) Season 1 Multi Audio [Hindi-Eng-Tam-Tel] 576p WEB-DL

[576p | Multi Audio | WEB-DL ]

Genre: Animation | Action | Adventure
Network: Nickelodean (India)
Release: Anime Series (1981-1987)
Running time: 18min
Language: Hindi-English-Tamil-Telugu 
Subtitle: N/A
Quality: 576p | AMZN WEB-DL

Synopsis: Hattori a ninja boy who has come from the Iga mountains is now a part of the Mitsuba family along with his brother Shinzo and his ninja dog. Hattori helps Kenichi with his problems and constantly keeps an eye on him as a good friend.

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Episode 1: I am a Ninja / Hattori saves Kenichi from his teacher / Let's earn some money
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Episode 2: Shishimaru Wins / A Perfect Score / Leave The Cooking To Us
Download: GDrive[Yuu] | GDShareMega [133MB]

Episode 3: Baseball Ninja Style / The New Student / Shinzo Arrives
Download: GDrive[Yuu] | GDShareMega [131MB]

Episode 4: Hattori Recovers His Honor / Shinzo Runs An Errand / The Strange Visitor
Download: GDrive[Yuu] | GDShareMega [133MB]

Episode 5: The Athletic Meet / To Catch A Thief / Curing A Case Of Laziness
Download: GDrive[Yuu] | GDShareMega [136MB]

Episode 6: The Ufo / The Ninja Restrainer / Do Your Homework !
Download: GDrive[Yuu] | GDShareMega [133MB]

Episode 7: The Kidnapping / Chestnut Fever / The Ninja Hideaway
Download: GDrive[Yuu] | GDShareMega [141MB]

Episode 8: Attending the Dolphin show / Ninja technique v/s modern technology / Amara and his love for his mother
Download: GDrive[Yuu] | GDShareMega [199MB]

Episode 9: A Trip To Kyoto / The Gold Coins / Pickpocketing A Pick Pocket
Download: GDrive[Yuu] | GDShareMega [128MB]

Episode 10: Ninja Hypnotism / The Ninja Steal In / Which Is Superior, Dogs Or Cats ?
Download: GDrive[Yuu] | GDShareMega [135MB]

Episode 11: The Ninja Has To Bear / Shishimaru Ate A Diamond / I Can Take Charge Of The House
Download: GDrive[Yuu] | GDShareMega [120MB]

Episode 12: Hide-And-Seek / Be Careful With Fire / Shin-Chan'S Present
Download: GDrive[Yuu] | GDShareMega [138MB]

Episode 13: Be Careful Of The Cold / Scissors, Rock, Paper
Download: GDrive[Yuu] | GDShareMega [128MB]

Episode 14: Up, Up And Away / The Wrong Present / No More Drinking!
Download: GDrive[Yuu] | GDShareMega [123MB]

Episode 15: The Lottery / The Haircut / Long Legs For Kenichi
Download: GDrive[Share]GDrive[Yuu] | Mega [124MB]

Episode 16: Celebrating New Year / Shishimaru's obsession of chocolate rolls / Kenichi fears on loosing Shishimaru
Download: GDrive[Share]GDrive[Yuu] | Mega [158MB]

Episode 17: The Love Letter / Go Fly A Kite / A Dream Of Ninja Days
Download: GDrive[Share]GDrive[Yuu] | Mega [132MB]

Episode 18: It's Hard Being A Ninja / Shishimaru Saves The Day / Surprise Visitor
Download: GDrive[Share]GDrive[Yuu] | Mega [125MB]

Episode 19: Mama Plays Volleyball / No Smoking! / I Will Look For A Kind Girl
Download: GDrive[Share]GDrive[Yuu] | Mega [142MB]

Episode 20: I Leave The Speech To Someone Else / Swallows For Yumeko / A Hard Day At The Movies
Download: GDrive[Share]GDrive[Yuu] | Mega [121MB]

Episode 21: Kemumaki, Let's Dig Up A Mammoth / Where Is The Balloon / Curing A Case Of The Snores
Download: GDrive[Share]GDrive[Yuu] | Mega [121MB]

Episode 22: Yumeko's Love Song / The Missing Book / The Laughing Mushroom
Download: GDrive[Share]GDrive[Yuu] | Mega [119MB]

Episode 23: Shinzo And The Sad Movie / Flowers For Spring / No More Eating Race
Download: GDrive[Share]GDrive[Yuu] | Mega [129MB]

Episode 24: Hunt Away Mama's Anger / Tomatoes And Carrots / Lonely Little Kitty
Download: GDrive[Share]GDrive[Yuu] | Mega [124MB]

Episode 25: A Visit From The Teacher / Police Chief For A Day / No More Noodles !
Download: GDrive[Share]GDrive[Yuu] | Mega [123MB]

Episode 26: Trouble At The Water Fountain / Kenichi's Bromide / Spagetthi Has A Happy Taste
Download: GDrive[Share]GDrive[Yuu] | Mega [146MB]

Episode 27: A Wishing Star / Teacher Likes Butterfly / Ninja Sushi
Download: GDrive[Share]GDrive[Yuu] | Mega [127MB]

Episode 28: The Big Catch / Shishimaru The Weather Dog / A Wresling Tournament
Download: GDrive[Share]GDrive[Yuu] | Mega [131MB]

Episode 29: Tv Is Forbidden / Game Crazy / Late Again !
Download: GDrive[Share]GDrive[Yuu] | Mega [125MB]

Episode 30: A Family Quarrel / Tsubame The Ninja Girl / Get Lost, Tsubame
Download: GDrive[Share]GDrive[Yuu] | Mega [119MB]

Episode 31: A Drive In The Country / Lost And Found / My Dreame For The Future
Download: GDrive[Share] | GDrive[Yuu] | Mega [138MB]

Episode 32: hinzou refuses to change his clothes / Voting for the famous teacher / Kenichi becomes Mr India
Download: GDrive[Share] | GDrive[Yuu] | Mega [182MB]

Episode 33: Measuring the speed of the ball / Kio lives Shishimaru's life / Search for hot water well.
Download: GDrive[Share] | GDrive[Yuu] | Mega [189MB]

Episode 34: Catch That Homerun! / The Festival / I Don't Like The Marriage Meeting
Download: GDrive[Share] | GDrive[Yuu] | Mega [158MB]

Episode 35: Swimming Training / What Day Is Today? / Jumping Contest
Download: GDrive[Share] | GDrive[Yuu] | Mega [148MB]

Episode 36: Shishimaru Is A Cupid / We Will Marry Kagechiyo / Let'S Challenge To A Skyscraper
Download: GDrive[Share] | GDrive[Yuu] | Mega [145MB]

Episode 37: Ninja From Manipulation / Secret Of The Ninja Power / Shin-Chan's Navel-Power
Download: GDrive[Share] | GDrive[Yuu] | Mega [151MB]

Episode 38: Mama Knows Everything / Shishimaru, An Enthusiastic Detective / Ninja Water Melon Snapping
Download: GDrive[Share] | GDrive[Yuu] | Mega [130MB]

Episode 39: Nerd Kenichi / Don't Cry Tsubame / My Friend Is A Dinosaure Manlac
Download: GDrive[Share] | GDrive[Yuu] | Mega [124MB]

Episode 40: Kenichi Is A Good Class Officer / The Ninja Pilotage / Mama Loves Telephone
Download: GDrive[Share] | GDrive[Yuu] | Mega [152MB]

Episode 41: Legend Of Urashimataro / When Is My Birthday? / Mom Is Lost Driver
Download: GDrive[Share] | GDrive[Yuu] | Mega [132MB]

Episode 42: Tsubame Wants To Go To The Beach / Dog Is Great / Mama's Good Idea
Download: GDrive[Share] | GDrive[Yuu] | Mega [129MB]

Episode 43: Don't Get Fooled By Pretty Girls / Eels Are God's Messengers / Capturing A Gang
Download: GDrive[Share] | GDrive[Yuu] | Mega [134MB]

Episode 44: Public Bath / Beautiful Yumeko / Anniversary Day
Download: GDrive[Share] | GDrive[Yuu] | Mega [130MB]

Episode 45: Bullfighting Trouble / A Strange Foreigner / Get Back The Dress
Download: GDrive[Share] | GDrive[Yuu] | Mega [139MB]

Episode 46: Tsubame Guard The Snack / Hattori Has Disappeared / The Ninjaman Changing
Download: GDrive[Share] | GDrive[Yuu] | Mega [144MB]

Episode 47: The Ninja Future Watching / A Am In A Slump / I Am Still Immature
Download: GDrive[Share] | GDrive[Yuu] | Mega [144MB]

Episode 48: The Ninja Mosquito / The Ninja Gardening / Who Is Yumeko's Friend ?
Download: GDrive[Share] | GDrive[Yuu] | Mega [135MB]

Episode 49: I Have Been Disliked / Pot-Au-Feu / Get Over Insomnia, Let's Forget Homework
Download: GDrive[Share] | GDrive[Yuu] | Mega [132MB]

Episode 50: It Is, At Beat, But A Throwing Knife / The Secret Of Hattori-Hood / Be Careful When You Deliver
Download: GDrive[Share] | GDrive[Yuu] | Mega [139MB]

Episode 51: Always give it a try / Respect your name / Sonam's talent
Download: GDrive[Share] | GDrive[Yuu] | Mega [160MB]


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    1. Sorry brother, but i cannot handle their High level dubbing. Audio syncing for their show is out of option for me. I will upload that show only if it gets redub or if it will be available on Netflix.

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