Drake & Josh Hindi Episodes 576p

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[576p | Hindi Dub | WEBRip]

Ratings: 7.7/10
Genre: Comedy | Family
Creator: Dan Schneider
Network: Nickelodeon
Running time: 23min
Language: Hindi [Original]
Quality: 576p | WEBRip

Synopsis: Drake and Josh are step-brothers with different and opposite personalities. Now, they must learn to live under the same roof while they go through high school.

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SEASON 1 [Hindi Dub]

Episode 1: Hug Me, Brother
DOWNLOAD: Mirror | GDrive [171MB]

Episode 2: Dune Buggy
DOWNLOAD: Mirror | GDrive [159MB]

Episode 3: Believe Me, Brother
DOWNLOAD: Mirror | GDrive [163MB]

Episode 4: Two Idiots and a Baby
DOWNLOAD: Mirror | GDrive [151MB]

Episode 5: First Crush
DOWNLOAD: Mirror | GDrive [186MB]

Episode 6: Grammy [Season Finale]
DOWNLOAD: Mirror | GDrive [165MB]

SEASON 2 [Dual Audio]

Episode 1: The Bet
DOWNLOAD: Mirror | GDrive [146MB][Hindi-Eng]

Episode 2: Guitar
DOWNLOAD: Mirror | GDrive [139MB][Hindi-Eng]

Episode 3: Movie Job
DOWNLOAD: Mirror | GDrive [125MB][Hindi-Eng]

Episode 4: Football
DOWNLOAD: Mirror | GDrive [133MB][Hindi-Eng]

Episode 5: Pool Shark
DOWNLOAD: Mirror | GDrive [129MB][Hindi-Eng]

Episode 6: Smart Girl
DOWNLOAD: Mirror | GDrive [132MB][Hindi-Eng]

Episode 7 is Not Available in Hindi Dub.

Episode 8: Blues Brothers
DOWNLOAD: Mirror | GDrive [150MB][Hindi-Eng]

Episode 9: Driver's License
DOWNLOAD: Mirror | GDrive [124MB][Hindi-Eng]

Episode 10: Number One Fan
DOWNLOAD: Mirror | GDrive [148MB][Hindi-Eng]

Episode 11: Mean Teacher
DOWNLOAD: Mirror | GDrive [150MB][Hindi-Eng]

Episode 12 is Not Available in Hindi Dub.

Episode 13: Drew & Jerry
DOWNLOAD: Mirror | GDrive [139MB][Hindi-Eng]

Episode 14: Honor Council [Season Finale]
DOWNLOAD: Mirror | GDrive [131MB][Hindi-Eng]

SEASON 3 [Hindi][720p]

Episode 1: The Drake & Josh Inn
DOWNLOAD: Mirror | GDrive [201MB][720p]

Episode 2: Peruvian Puff Pepper
DOWNLOAD: Mirror | GDrive [186MB][720p]

Episode 3: We're Married
DOWNLOAD: Mirror | GDrive [183MB][720p]

Episode 4: Mindy's Back
DOWNLOAD: Mirror | GDrive [190MB][720p]

Episode 5: The Affair
DOWNLOAD: Mirror | GDrive [182MB][720p]

Episode 6: Playing the Field
DOWNLOAD: Mirror | GDrive [168MB][720p]

Episode 7: Helen's Surgery
DOWNLOAD: Mirror | GDrive [188MB][720p]

Episode 8 is Not Available in Hindi Dub.

Episode 9: Foam Finger
DOWNLOAD: Mirror | GDrive [178MB][720p]

Episode 10: Girl Power
DOWNLOAD: Mirror | GDrive [165MB][720p]

Episode 11: Sheep Thrills
DOWNLOAD: Mirror | GDrive [163MB][720p]

Episode 12: Megan's New Teacher
DOWNLOAD: Mirror | GDrive [160MB][720p]

Episode 13: Little Sibling
DOWNLOAD: Mirror | GDrive [164MB][720p]

Episode 14: Theater Thug
DOWNLOAD: Mirror | GDrive [183MB][720p]

Episode 15: The Demonator
DOWNLOAD: Mirror | GDrive [170MB][720p]

Episode 16: Alien Invasion
DOWNLOAD: Mirror | GDrive [151MB][720p]

Episode 17: Dr. Phyllis Show [Season Finale] 
DOWNLOAD: Mirror | GDrive [179MB][720p]

SEASON 4 [Hindi][720p]

Episode 1: Josh Runs Into Oprah
DOWNLOAD: Mirror | GDrive [183MB][720p]

Episode 13: Megan's Revenge
DOWNLOAD: Mirror | GDrive [160MB][720p]

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