Power Rangers Time Force (Season 9) Hindi Dubbed Episodes Download 540p

Genre: Action | Adventure | Crime
Creators: Haim Saban
Network: Jetix
Running time: 21min
Language: Hindi 2.0 [Original]
Quality: 540p
Encoder: Cartoons Techworld

Synopsis: When a crimelord from the year 3000 finds that times are too tough, he goes back in time to 2001. And the Power Rangers of year 3000 come back to battle him. Things only get crazier when the bad guy masters time travel, allowing him to pop up wherever he wants in the timestream.

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Episode 1: Forces From The Futures Part 1
In the year 3000, the evil mutant fugitive Ransik escapes the custody of the elite police force known as Time Force.

Episode 2: Forced From The Future Part 2
Traveling back in time in pursuit of Ransik, the Time Force officers meet the distant ancestor of their former leader.

Episode 3: Something To Fight For
Wes weighs his privileged lifestyle against the responsibilities of joining the Power Rangers Time Force as the new Red Ranger.

Episode 4: Ransik Lives 
Ransik kidnaps Wes and takes over a television station to announce his evil plans to the world.

Episode 5: A Blue Streak NEW
Thirty-first century race car driver Lucas adjusts to 21st-century traffic laws as Trip develops new Vector Cycles for the Rangers.

Episode 6: A Parting Of Ways NEW
Ransik hijacks a bus full of school children and Wes's wealthy father refuses to pay the ransom, prompting Wes to reevaluate his place in the family.

Episode 7: Short Circuit NEW
Realizing Circuit is the key to the Rangers summoning their Zords, Nadira plots to capture the Rangers' robotic friend.

Episode 8: Jen's Revenge NEW
Jen struggles with her desire to avenge her fallen fiancé when Ransik releases the Fatcatfish.

Episode 9: The Time Shadow NEW
A mysterious man in the future sends the Rangers a new Zord to help in the fight against Ransik's gang.

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