Ejen Ali Season 1 Hindi Dubbed Episodes Download 720p HD

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Genre: Animation | Action | Adventure
Network: Nicklodeon India
Running time: 21min
Language: Hindi 
Quality: 720p HD
Size: Maximum 100-200
Encoder: Cartoons Techworld

Synopsis: Ali, a lazy school boy, unwittingly becomes an MATA agent after using their prototype device IRIS, which is controlled by the neurological signals in his brain.

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Ali is a normal 12-year-old schoolboy who struggles in school, is a victim of bullying, and lacks of parental love. His life changes forever when he accidentally wields a spy tech stolen by two evil spies.

When Dr. Tong suddenly announces his retirement, this raises suspicion on M.A.T.A. and Ali is sent into his first mission - using the I.R.I.S.

While trying to stop Komeng and his men from stealing the drones, Ali meets a mysterious ally who helps him to defeat them. But things get a turn when Ali finds out the identity of the mysterious ally.

After saving a stray cat from being run over by a car, Ali realizes that the cat reminds him of his old pet cat Labu, hence, he adopts it. What he does not know is that the cat has ulterior motives - to steal the I.R.I.S. 

Episode 5 - Mission: BLUEPRINT
When Dos and Trez manage to steal two pieces of pen drive that contain the blueprint of I.R.I.S., the M.A.T.A. agents are on a mission to retrieve them before they can decrypt it.

Episode 6 - Mission: RISE
After Dr. Tong and Dr. Mala are being victimized by Dr. Aaron, Ali, Bakar, Alicia and Comot must protect Dr. Ghazali from him before it is too late.

Episode 7 - Mission: PROTOCOL GEGAS
When a mission goes wrong, Alicia states that she would have summoned "Protocol Gegas" if it wasn't for the I.R.I.S. that Ali wears because M.A.T.A. promises to keep him alive. When there is a power disruption occurring in Cyberaya, the M.A.T.A. agents are sent to investigate the power plants. During the mission, Ali is horrified to learn about the purpose of "Protocol Gegas" from Bakar. When the protocol is really being used, will he follow it?

Episode 8 - Mission: PERFOMANCE
After the previous mission goes wrong, General Rama discusses with Ali and the other M.A.T.A. agents about Ali's performance, and must decide whether to keep or eliminate Ali.

Episode 9 - Mission: POTENTIAL
Since the previous episode, Rizwan is now Ali's mentor and he must train him to be a better agent despite he has doubts on Ali.

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