Ben 10 Reboot Season 2 Hindi Episodes 720p HD

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Genre: Animation | Action | Comedy
Creators: Man of Action
Network: Cartoon Network (India)
Running time: 12min
Language: Hindi 
Quality: 720p HD

Synopsis: Ben 10 is the fifth iteration of the Ben 10 franchise. It serves as a reboot of the television series loosely based upon the original series.

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NOTE: These episodes are arranged according to US airings.

Episode 1: Out to Launch
On a visit to Cape Canaveral, the Tennyson Trio attend the launch of an experimental space plane, but when Vilgax hijacks the ship, Ben must stop him from weaponizing the shuttle.

Episode 2: Battle at Biggie Box 
During the Biggie Box sale, Ben enlists Simon Sez to help him find Max and get back to the register with his toys before the sale ends and Billy Billions buys them instead.

Episode 3: Bon Voyage
Aboard the SS Pettigrew, on its final voyage, Ben must not only battle seasickness, but Steam Smythe, who looks to use his mechanical creatures to sink the steamship's replacement.

Episode 4: Mayhem in Mascot
After their attempt to get a photo with every storefront mascot is foiled, Ben and Gwen sneak out at night to get their photo taken with the wooden bear totem known as Yawk.

Episode 5: Screamcatcher 
When a cavity forces Ben to the dentist, his day gets even worse when the malevolent magician Hex uses a nearby dream catcher to bring Ben's fears to life.

Episode 7: Bomzobo Lives NEW
During a routine trip to the DMV, Max takes a driving test to renew his license, but a disguised Zombozo hijacks the role of instructor, bent on revenge against Ben.

Episode 8: Animorphosis 
As the Tennyson trio dig up dinosaur fossils in the Badlands, Ben is unaware that Vilgax and Dr. Animo have teamed up to steal alien DNA from within the Omnitrix.

Episode 9: Assault on Pancake Palace NEW
When Gwen enters a pancake eating contest, Ben finds the Bugg Brothers and must stop them before they can create their newest invention, the Infestoids.

Episode 18: Can I Keep It?
After stumbling upon a cute cat-dog-rabbit creature hybrid, or “Cadobbit,” Ben ignores Grandpa Max’s advice and sneaks the animal onto the Rustbucket, but is quickly in over his head as Dr. Animo’s creation turns on him!

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