Be Cool, Scooby-Doo! Hindi Episodes

Genre: Animation | Comedy | Family
Network: Cartoon Network
Running time: 23min
Language: Hindi
Quality: 720p | 576p | 480p

Synopsis: The Scooby gang are traveling in summer and spend time together which could be their last summer but monsters and ghouls get in the way of completing their adventurers.

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Episode 1: Mystery 101
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Velma is overjoyed when she gets an interview at Kingston University, a college with one of the highest reputations in the world. However, her dreams are soon wrecked when the ghost of the founder, Elias Kingston, comes back from the grave to scare away students he deems to be unworthy.


Episode 27: Some Fred Time
With Fred not sleeping the Gang decides it is time for a vacation. However there relaxation is short lived when a monster shark terrorizes the beach. The Gang must solve the mystery whilst making sure Fred relaxes and doesn't get involved.

Episode 28: There Wolf
When Scooby falls sick, the gang immediately rushes him to the hospital. Only to discover it is being haunted by a werewolf. The gang must help Scooby and solve the mystery.

Episode 29: Renn Scare
The gang heads to a renaissance fair from Velma's childhood and must act out the middle ages. A mystery is revealed when the spirit of a jester begins attacking the fair and the gang must quickly come to the rescue.

Episode 30: How to Train Your Coward
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Shaggy and Scooby, sick of the monsters and mysteries, Leave the Mystery Gang.

Episode 31: Worst in Show

Episode 32: Mysteries on the Disorient Express

Episode 33: Halloween

Episode 34: The Curse of Kaniaku
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Episode 35: Vote Velma
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Episode 36: Scroogey Doo
NOTE: 2 Minutes Hindi Audio is missing.

Episode 37: In Space

Episode 38: Doo Not Disturb

Episode 39: Silver Scream

Episode 40: Fright of Hand

Episode 41: Greece is the Word
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Episode 42: American Goth
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Episode 48: Protein Titans 2 NEW
The gang visits the Brainsplosion video game company, after they offer Velma a high-paying position working on a new video game Protein Titans 2. 

English Dub Episodes

S02 E07: Halloween
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S02 E16: American Goth
Watch Online | Download [480p] [Mega Link]

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