Phil of the Future Episodes in Hindi

Genre: Adventure | Comedy | Family
Created By: Tim Maile, Douglas Tuber
Network: Disney Channel
Original Run: June 18, 2004 – August 19, 2006
Running time: 25min
Language: Hindi 
Quality: 480p

Synopsis: A family from 2121 is stuck in 2004, trying desperately to fit in.

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Episode 10: Future Tutor
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Phil and his family are stuck in the 21st century. Not knowing when they'll return to their homes, Pim and Phil go to school. Pim becomes her class' chalk monitor, while Phil tutors Keely in Algebra and teaches her to be accepting of people outside her clique; Pim runs against Debbie in an election for chalk monitor.

Note: This is the pilot episode of the series. 

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