New Looney Tunes (Wabbit) Hindi Episodes 720p HD

||Wabbit Hindi Episodes||

Title: New Looney Tunes (formerly known as Wabbit in its first season)
Genre: Animation | Comedy | Family
Creators: Erik Kuska
Network: Cartoon Network, Pogo (India)
Running time: 11min
Language: Hindi 
Quality: 720p HD | WEB-DL

Synopsis: Bugs Bunny -- the famous "wascally wabbit" -- is back, along with other classic Looney Tunes favorites, in these new comedic shorts featuring the iconic characters.

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Episode 15: Big Troubles/Manner Maid
Bugs and Squeaks discover a device that makes everything bigger. Bugs is confronted by and eventually outwits an obsessed, authoritative robot.

Episode 16: Bugsfoot/Grim on Vacation
Bigfoot is captured by the group of hunters with Bugs in tow. When Carl the Grim Rabbit goes away with his partner to Tahiti for a vacation, Bugs pops up there and all Carl the Grim Rabbit can think about is his job.

Episode 17: Carrot Before the Horse/Trunk with Power
Bugs discovers a little girl took his carrots to feed her show horse who gained weight from eating them. When Bugs tries to make it to his plane for a getaway for a week, he and Squeaks encounter a Toll Tree in the woods.

Episode 18: Snow Wabbit/Aromatherapest
During a snowy day outside, Bugs builds a snowman which comes to life and attempts to get Bugs' carrot for his nose. Bugs and Wile E. Coyote both get sprayed by a skunk and they try their own ways to get rid of the skunk's smelly odor.

Episode 19: Raising Your Spirits/Dust Bugster
Bugs discovers he is being haunted by an invisible spirit in his home. When he binge-watches a show that Porky Pig told him about and leaves his house a mess, Bugs has a dust bunny and tries to get rid of him.

Episode 20: Computer Bugs/Oils Well That Ends Well
While playing a game on his computer, Bugs goes inside of it and fights a pesky computer virus. While traveling to the Burning Hare festival, Bugs stops at and mistakes an oil factory for it and meets a woman named Ivanna who is planning an oil heist.

Episode 21: Your Bunny or Your Life/Misjudgement Day
When Bugs is out getting Squeaks a lottery ticket, Carl the Grim Rabbit chases Bugs through town. A future robot is set out to destroy Bugs in the park and starts anticipating every one of Bugs' moves.

Episode 26: Bugs Over Par/Fast Feud
Bugs plays a game of golf. At Happy Hartle's Hamburger Hut, Happy Hartle hires Bugs as an employee after he fires his employees.

Episode 41: Proud to Be a Coal Miner's Wabbit/Cabin Fervor NEW
Bugs' peace and quiet is disturbed when Yosemite Sam starts drilling for coal. Bugs and Squeak become trapped in a snowed in cabin and fight over the last of the food.

Episode 44: Tis the Seasoning/Winter Blunderland NEW
On the last shopping day before Christmas, Bugs races against Yosemite Sam to obtain a special gift for Squeaks. Bugs tries to retrieve Squeaks' letter to Santa after it's pilfered by the Barbarian.

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