Ben 10 (2016) Reboot Season 1 Hindi Episodes 720p HD

Genre: Animation | Action | Comedy
Creators: Man of Action
Network: Cartoon Network (India)
Running time: 12min
Language: Hindi 
Quality: 720p HD

Synopsis: Ben 10 is the fifth iteration of the Ben 10 franchise. It serves as a reboot of the television series loosely based upon the original series.

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NOTE: These episodes are arranged according to US airings.

Episode 1: The Filth
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Ben is tasked with cleaning the Rust Bucket, but when he is tricked into letting the villainous and vile Fly Guys steal it, he must chase them down before they create an unstoppable maggot monster.

Episode 10: Animo Farm
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Ben stumbles into Dr. Animo's secret lab now ruled by his superior mutants, the Alphas, and must help the lesser animals escape while stuck as Stinkfly.

Episode 13: Something I Ate
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The Tennysons visit Fort Knox, but it does not last long till Ben has to fight a monster.

Episode 15: The Beast Inside
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Dr. Animo returns with his newest invention, the 'Animerger'.

Episode 16: All Wet
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No one believes Ben when he insists that one of the other patrons, waiting in line at the World of Wet Water Park, is the nefarious Frightwig, disguised as a common girl called Frida.

Episode 17: Villain Time
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A man attempting to be a hero ends up misusing his abilities, and Ben has to stop him.

Episode 18: Drive You Crazy
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Ben and Gwen decide to race against Lagrange when he crashes a race.

Episode 19: Tomorrow Today
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The group visit the Buddy's Vision Of Tomorrow exhibit, where Steam Smythe hopes to take a secret weapon to rule the world.

Episode 20: Story, Bored
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Hex returns for the large spellbook Grimoire of Archamada which contains a high-level spell that will make him more powerful than ever.

Episode 21: Hole in 10
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While golfing, Ben must face a biker gang of mutated groundhogs.

Episode 22: Recipe for Disaster
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When Ben puts out a fire as Wildvine, a bunch of alien chiefs decide to eat him for lunch.

Episode 24: Freaky Gwen Ben
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When Ben interferes with malicious magician Hex's quest for the earth-moving Titan Gloves at a swap meet, he switches bodies with Gwen forcing him to walk a mile in her shoes and vice versa.

Episode 25: Ben 24hrs
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Ben and Gwen want to stay awake in Adrenaland, a theme park that is open 24/7. Thinking that with his alien abilities he can stay awake, things get worse.

Episode 26: Bright Lights, Black Hearts
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Ben, Gwen and Max stop by the graveyard set of a movie, The Unalivers. Before long, Ben discovers its leading role, Michael Morningstar, is an energy-absorbing vampire.

Episode 27: Don't Laze Me, Bro
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When Billy Billions takes over Laser Town Studios for his birthday, Ben and Gwen challenge him to a Laser Tag Duel where the loser must never set foot in a game of laser tag ever again.

Episode 28: Don't Let the Bass Drop
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Ben and Gwen are excited to attend an Earth Day EDM concert in Portland until the show is hijacked by the sound/music/audio-manipulating villain, Lord Decibel.

Episode 30: Zombozo-Land
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Zombozo returns with the Circus Freaks, (Frightwig, and 2 new members, Thumbskull and Acid Breath) with a new plan to turn everyone into clowns like him.

Episode 31: Forgeti
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During a hunt for the fabled 'Forgeti', (who Gwen is fascinated and obsessed with), Ben and Gwen face Dr. Animo once again when he kidnaps Max for his latest experiment.

Episode 33: Cutting Corners
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Ben wants to earn some money by mowing Bob's lawn. He rebuilds the lawnmower into a super fast-mowing machine, but in doing so he angers the little stubborn gnome neighbors.

Episode 34: Xingo
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Ben's favorite cartoon character, Xingo, comes out of TV into the real world when Upgrade tampers with the TV satellite.

Episode 35: Scared Silly
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Ben needs to pretend that he is not scared when staying in a haunted hotel.

Episode 36: Need for Speed
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Touring Yellowstone National Park, Ben uncovers a plot by Lagrange who wants to digout an old treasure from below the national park.

Bentuition shorts

Short 3: Diamondhead 01
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Short 7: Four Arms 01
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